In This Course You Will Learn:

  • How doubt can affect your progress
  • How to manage your doubts so they don't stop you anymore
  • How to be a lifelong learner
  • Different learning styles and techniques
  • How to commit to your "ultimate why"
  • Find what's worth committing to
  • How to stay committed instead of quitting
  • How to break down large goals into manageable goals
  • The benefits of visualizing your goal
  • Create your first step-by-step goal plan
  • How to train your mind to focus
  • How to reduce distractions that keep you from your goals
  • How to stop comparing yourself and start living true to who you are
  • How to genuinely celebrate others accomplishments

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About Your Instructor

Amy Murphy is the owner of Everything Amy Inc., a company dedicated to providing resources for people who are ready to learn how they can start living their ideal reality right now.

After over twenty years of searching for the right connections, Amy has discovered the key to success lies within each of us and it's waiting to be unlocked.